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The songs pages are being rearranged, only in the French part initially. I will soon be able to offer you some compilations of 10 songs to 6 Euros. What will be more interesting than the song to a Euro. A new title has also been added. It is entitled "The écuyère".

On the other hand, my Versophone for Kontakt (Native Instrument sampler) instrument is available for sale for a few days for the modest sum of 15 euros. Versophone_PUB

Other instruments are being developed: an organ in bamboo and especially Choris, an instrument of choirs at base of samples of my own voice sampled on 3 levels of velocity.

Finally, finally, I have for sale my first pack of loops. These are completely free piano phrases of rights. 5 arpeggio of 20 seconds on 5 different tones. C D E G


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