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My favorite freeware

My favorite freeware


Selection of freeware that I use sometimes

Free Vsti My favorite freewares

Ample Sound : Cloudrum (persussion)
BlamSoft : VK-1 Viking (Synthesizer)
Cherry Audio : Surrealistic MG-1 Plus (Synthesizer)
Daichilab : Synth1 (Synthesizer)
Decomposer : Sitala (Drum machine)
Eventide : Pendulate (Synthesizer)
Full Bucket : Fury 800 // Tricent // The Deputy // Mono/Fury // Ragnarok // (Synthesizers) Bucket Pops (Drum Machine)
GitHub : DexeD FM (Synthesizer)
HY-Plugins : HY-Poly Free Version (Synthesizer)
IK Multimedia : Syntronik (Synthesizer)
Krakli Software : Arminator (Synthesizer)
LinPlug : Free Alpha (Synthesizer)
Native Instruments : Mikro Prism (Reaktor Sounds)
NUSofting : DaHornet (Synthesizer)
Plogue : Alter/Ego (Vocal Synthesizer)
Spitfire : Audiolabs (Samples Instruments)
Martin Luder : PG-8X 2.0 (Synthesizer)
Matt Tytel : Helm (Synthesizer)
TAL Software : TAL-U-No-62 (Synthesizer)
UH-E : TyrellN6 // Podolski
Surge Team : Surge (Synthesizer)
Vital Audio : Vital (Synthesizer)
ZynAddSubFX : ZynAddSubFX (Synthesizer)

Free Vst my favorite freewares

A1AUDIO : A1triggergate
Analog Obsession : BritChannel (Preamp Mic, EQ and Compressor)
Arturia : Chorus JUN-6
Audio Damage : DubStation (Delay)
Cable Guys : PanCake (Panning Modulation)
Flux : Flux Stereo Tools V3
GitHub : AnalogTapeModel (Tape Saturation)
IK Multimedia : Amplitube 5 (Guitar Amp)
Izotope : Vinyl // Vocal Doubler
Jon V Audio : FirComp (compressor)
Klanghelm : IVGI (Distortion, Saturation)
Multiply : Chorus
Native Instruments : Guitar Rig (Guitar Amp) // Supercharger (Compressor)
PehenegFX : Pecheneg Tremolo
Plugin Alliance : Brainworx_bx CleanSweep // Opto Pedal // Rockrack Pedal Player // Bx-Solo // Elysia Niveau Filter // SPL free Ranger (EQ)
Softube : Saturation knob
Super Fly DSP : Flying Delay
Surreal Machines : Crack (Transient Shaper)
TAL Software : TAL-Chorus
Tokyo Dawn : TDR NOVA (EQ Dynamic] // Molot (Compressor)
Tritik : Krush (Bit Crushing) // Irid (Delay)
DMG Audio : Track Control
ValhallaDSP : Supermassive // Space Modulator //  Freq Echo (Delay)
Voxengo : Span // Old SkoolVerb // Boogex (Guitar Amp)

Free Video Editor

ShotCut Org : ShotCut (Video editor)
OBS project : OBS Open Broadcaster Software


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