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Commercials, advertising, publicity


The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a commercials, advertising or publicity.

If one of these musical titles interests you to illustrate one of your projects, contact me to be able to download it in WAV, MP3 or other formats. fredericbegnon (at)

New title (June 2021) Petit déjeuner : mandolin, balalaÏka, piano, vocals, cheerful and fresh


New title (May 2021) Lever de rideaux : Brass, arpeggio guitar, piano, lounge


New title (april 2021) Naturelle : acoustic guitar, folk, natur and fresh atmosphere


New title (april 2021) L’égérie du pianiste : Piano, Strings, Soaring, Commercials


Pause café : Solo piano, rest, softness,


Le spleen du geek :  men choir, modern , modernity, sadness, computer, 8bits


Renne sous les étoiles : Christmas, End of year celebrations


Adam : Electro, synthés, light rhythm, styled, hip hop, urban


Griffes:  luxury, precious, Ethereal, airy, glimmering, piano


Brise de chœurs: backing vocals, harmony vocals, piano


Siffleur: cheap, whistles, gai, acoustic guitar, simple, short


Reggae comme un pinson: cheerful, optimistic, violins, keyboards, percussive


Tokyo: East, cheap tune, electro, urban, nippon, gadget, fun, media, geek rhythm


Sous-Bois: guitars acoustic, folk, lightweight, perky, fresh bucolic (signed at MusicJag)


Dilemme: techno, electro, urban, lively, incisive, arpeggio, synths


Glaneuse de photons: acoustic guitar, arpeggio, echoes voices, great space and light rhythm


Les dindons:  grotesque, ridiculous, weighing, animal, fun, heavy too awkward (signed at MusicJag)


Aléas sur deux cordes: folk, guitar acoustic, Woody also warm (signed at MusicJag)


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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