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TrailersThe classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a trailers, thème tune or  generic.
If one of these musical titles interests you to illustrate one of your projects, contact me to be able to download it in WAV, MP3 or other formats. fredericbegnon (at)

New title May 2021 : Vent d’automne : Orchestral and strings, melancolic and natural, big space (K-Limity Editor)


New title April 2021 : Actualités : Flash info, TV news, electrics guitars, percus as well as piano


L’homme qui marche : Short, Pop, Arpeggio Synth, Voice intro, final, crescendo (New in april 2021)


Rumba étrange : strange, mix, latin, electro, electric guitar


Désinvolture : folk guitar, nature, fresh


Cellular slow : phone, électro, slow, short, synthé with piano


Seigneurs du club : rythm, electro, melodic, synthés, beatbox


Détective: mystery, intrigue, rhythm, piano, jazz guitar, synth


Valse aux parapluie:  acoustic guitar, woodland, nature, ballad, waltz slow, melancholic, fall (signed at MusicJag)


Sur mon vélo: gai, rhythmic, sports, fresh


Chronomètre: sporting, slow tempo, voltage, wait, piano


Onomatopée: funny, original, leaping, voices, comics, art, design


Hip hop: urban beat, voice, piano, synth, fluid, morning, groovy, clear and serene (signed at MusicJag)


Ouverture rouge: solemn, jazzy, presentation, manner and surge


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