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The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than documentaries
If one of these musical titles interests you to illustrate one of your projects, contact me to be able to download it in WAV, MP3 or other formats. fredericbegnon (at)

New soudtrack 2024    Sahara : electro, synths, duduk, desert, hypnotic, ambient


Survol : electro, synths, guitars, aviation and aerospace


 Prés fleuris : Acoutic guitars, recorder, wooded and bucolic atmosphere


Le 8ème ciel : (On an idea of Izanne) oneiric, ethereal, poetic, classical


L’arbre rose : Acoustic guitar, whistles, harmonica, nature, simplicity, tenderness


Valet de cœur: medieval, Princess, castles, nobility, heritage


Escalators: technology, business, urban spaces, factory, techno, rhythmic, synth


Fleur de cactus: acoustic guitars, western, desert, large spaces, canyon, english horn


Anges ou esprits: Celestial atmosphere, ambient, Musings, strange, zen, ghostly, slick synth


Africa: Africa, world, rhythm, fantasy, animals, large spaces, travel, exotic


Célestes impressions: joyful, magical, celebrations, ceremonial, electro, refined


France: campaign, landscape, nature, accordion, village, nostalgia, light rhythm, fields, walk (signed at MusicJag)


Flocons de neige: winter landscapes, children, Christmas, wonderful, candor, arpege (signed at MusicJag)


Stalactites: arpeggio, lightweight, synth, electro, pop, progressive, brass, variations


Le bolero du PC: latin, electro, original, dancing, strange, synth, vintage


La foire aux voleurs: medieval feast, liesse, feast, history, flute, Crumhorn, perceived


Savane: heat, Africa, electric piano, poetry, softness, fullness, violins, arpege (signed at MusicJag)


Promenade arpégée: arpeggio piano, slow, vintage, romantic


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