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My first jitters in public were on the occasion of the Christmas tree with my football club, it was also my first stamp or rather my first run. After it was in a creperie of Saumur, my city, where I started singing  and then in its pedestrian streets where I found the guts to sing in broad daylight. I have to say that I was kinda bold because my songs were not really finished, especially the texts! But when you are young you pay little attention to the language of Brel. It is also at this time that the world missed out on “the pop group” we had the idea to create, Bea, Yvon and the guys back then. It lasted only the time of the fair in Distré, my native village where we gave our one and only concert.

Fredo_manche_stGilles + spirits

Called by the four cardinal points of our Hexagon which has six and the different tissues that make up the apparatus of the natives to lace which are agglutinated easily like bees on a jar of jam before the mysterious streets guitarist, I went to the conquest of the pedestrian world…
As everyone knows, the art not fed not her man then I got to sing the classics of French song and I have to say that it well helped me to advance in my small tart refrains recipes. So for years, I have peddled the words and the melodies of the monsters sacred as Brassens, Brel, Aznavour, Boby Lapointe, Piaf, forest etc… I unsheathed my instrument in most pedestrian streets of the West, many restaurants, bars, a few scenes, homes of retirees but especially on the embankment of the Sables D’olonne which was, at that time, for many artists, a bargain.

 Since these blessed times of acnes singing and revolted, my life was devoted largely to do or redo discover these small moments of happiness that rocked and that cradle still c

Grey favourites of our dear Music lovers contemporaries (and my dog Leo).


I’ve not really used all my potential composer during these years, only two CDs self-produced I sold when my evenings. The trade of intermittent little because of his ceaseless search for stamps suitable me, I ended up making me account that what me please really in the music: it is creating, rather than recreation. In short, I have more than one ambition: compose and write. I have a long experience of composer on texts and author on music, I have never stopped making refrains and music throughout my life, trying to go still further in the search for melody that I consider to be the soul of the music.


I create now all my songs in my home studio. Follower of MAO that I practice for some years, I am independent and happy to offer my services.

My small business

Babybidou (site children Mp3)
Crystal Festival of Crans Montana (pub festival)

Recording CD Sylvain Bigaud
Musique & Music (editor)
MusicJag (editor)
Editions Music4pro (editor)
Profs-editions (editor)
K – Limity (editors)
Batisseurs de chansons (construction of contacting authors, composers, performers, etc.) my last baby.

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