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Sitcoms, short films

Sitcoms, short films

Sitcoms short films

The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a sitcoms or short films.
If one of these musical titles interests you to illustrate one of your projects, contact me to be able to download it in WAV, MP3 or other formats. fredericbegnon (at)

New title (June 2021) Chanson de fin : medieval, folk, mandolin, recorder, crumhorn and harp


New title (May 2021) Méphisto : Classic organ, guitar, synthé, evil atmosphere


New title (april 2021) Série TV : electronic, synths, rhythm and playful tempo


La picolitude : Drama, nostalgia, slow, strings, piano, male choirs


Le ruisseau : Classic guitar , Strings, bagpipe, Celtic landscape, ballad, Water courses (Festival competitionl Gindou 2016)


Cygne noir: violins, piano, classical, electro, dynasty, slice of life, episode, polychrome, experimental, film


Après-midi ensoleillé: gentleness, peace, serenity, quiet, electric guitar, cool, beach, siesta


Seul au monde: electro, lounge, synth bass, air, urban, kinematics


Orage d’hiver: saga, rapid, action, brass, synth, rhythm, fast-paced box


Larmes d’étoiles: sad, melancholic, choirs, classical, piano, Oboe, cinematic, slow, long, several themes


Moderne: nervous, action, urban, contemporary, enough rhythmic synths


Corbillard: funereal, gloomy, grim, choirs, heaviness, intensity 


Geisha: orient, exotic, kitsch, choirs (signed at MusicJag)


Sergio: spaghetti, western, action, vintage, Sergio Leone, funky


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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