Paroles & Musique

Home studio

Home studio

My computers

PC 1 (Homemade)
MSI Kraft Gaming Z370 MotherBoard
Intel Core i7 8700K 3.70 Ghz
Corsair Hydro Series H80iv2
SSD 128 GB 2.5 Samsung

DD Seagate Barracuda 1TB
Seasonic M12II Bronze 620 W
Windows 10 64 bit
Screen 1 Samsung 24p
Screen 2 Acer 22 p

PC 2 (Homemade)

Intel Core i5 3570K IvyBridge
ASUS P8Z77-V the
ASUS GT610 1GB DDR3 Silent LP
SSD 250 GB
Windows 10 64 bit
RAM Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3 1600
Case Cooler Master 520W SilentProM2

My stuff

RME Fireface 800 Sound Card
FX Card UAD2 solo
Monitors Adam A7

Preamp DBX
Preamp Joemeek VC3Q (Nice for electric guitar)
Sennheiser e845 Microphone
Microphone Oktava MK-012-01 MSP2
Microphone AKG C414
Headphone AKG 271 MK2
Headphone Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro
Preamp headphones Presonus HP4

My main recording software

Muse Score
Magix samplitude 10 pro
Reaper Cockos 6
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Download my Reaper Track Icons

My VSTI (virtual studio technology instrument)

AAS: Lizzard Lounge
Admiralquality: The Poly-Ana Il
Arturia: Minimoog V
AIR: Xpand // Vacuum Pro
Arturia: Minimoog-V
Cakewalk: Z3TA – 2
D16 Group: Drumazon

DS Audio: Thorn
FXpansion: DCAM synthQuad
Inphonik: RYM2612 Iconic FM
Izotope as Iris 2
Klevgrand as Hillman
KV331 Audio: SynthMaster One – SynthMaster
Martinic as Elka Panther // LEM echo
Meldaproduction. In: MPowerSynthe
Moddart: Pianoteq 6: (sublime modelled piano) with Addons
Native Instruments: FM8 (sublime) // Reaktor

OneSmallClue: Poise (Drum Machine)
Plugin Boutique: Virtual CZ
Sonic Charge: Microtonic
Sonicprojects: OP – X Pro
Scuffham Amps as S-GEAR
Waldorf: Attack // PPG Wave 2

My VST (virtual studio technology)

112db: Redline reverb
Accusonus: Era4 Deesser
Acon Digital: Verberate 2
AAS: Objeq Delay
Plugin Alliance: Ampeg SVT-VR Classic // ACME audio: Opticom XLA-3 // Lindell Audio: 80 series

Arturia: Rev Plate-140 // Mini Filter
Audio Damage: Eos 2
Black Rooster: VLA-FET
Brainworx: Bx_Console Focusrite SC // Bx_Opto Pedal // Bx_TownHouse Buss Compressor //
Celemony as Melodyne 5 Assistant
D16 group: Repeater
eaReckon: Evolve
Eventide: UltraChannel
G-Sonic: Pultronic EQ110P – EQ50M)
Izotope: PhoenixVerb // Neutron Element
Klanghelm: MJUC
Kush Audio: Clariphonic EQ // AXIS EQ
Maag Audio: EQ2
Melda Productio
n: MMultiBandConvolution
Mia Laboratory as Mia Compressor One
Native Instrument: RAUM // Replika // Supercharger // Driver
Nembrini Audio: MRH810 Guitar Amplifier
Metric Halo as Precision DeEsser
Noise Ash: Need EQ // Rule Tec – Palmary
OhmForce: OhmBoyz – Ohmicide
Overloud as Breverb
Polyverse Music: Manipulator
PSP: Xenon // Pianoverb
Scuffham Amps as S-Gear
SoundToys: Micro Shift, Little AlterBoy, Primal Tap – Little Plate
UAD2 solo: la 2A plugins, 1176LN/1176SE, Pulteq EQP – 1A, Pulteq Pro EQ, Realverb Pro, Lexicon 224, EMT140, dbx-160
United Plugin: Fire Cobra
Valhalla: Valhalla Room // UberMod // Shimmer // Spacemodulator // Supermassive
VoosteQ: Material comp
Voxengo: Polysquasher // GlissEQ // SPAN // Boogex
Waldorf as D-Pole
WA Production: Sphere Delay
Waves: Berzerk Distortion // CLA EchoSphere // IR-L Convolution Reverb // OneKnob Pumper // Trueverb
Xils Lab: Xils DeeS
Zplane Elastic Pitch

Sound banks for Kontakt from Native Instruments

Audiothing: bells
Aria Sounds as Ethnic Flutes
Best service Xsample Chamber Ensemble Woodwind // Accordion 2
Chris Hein Soprano-Sax
Cinematic Studio Serie: Cinematic Studio Brass
Cinematic Instruments: Zither Concert // Lute
Embertone Chapman Trumpet // Ivory Flute // Wind Jubal // Friendler Violin
Evolution Series: World Percussion Europe 2.0
Fasma twist: All bundle
Fluffy Audio as Upright Jazz Bass
Heavyocity: DM-307
Ilya Efimov: Accordion, Duduk and Zhaleika
Kontakt, Hub as Bandoneon

Natine Instruments: Kontakt 5 (sampler) // PreBass // MMbass // Rickenbacker // Retro Machines MKII
Precisionsound: Carina accordion
Real Sample: German Arpsichord 1741
Rhythmicrobot : Lorenzo / / Hurdy Gurdy // 10200 // P15 // Rhythmate // SH Studio // SR88
Sample Libraries (Eduardo Tarilonte) Accordions 2
Soundiron: Olympus elements
Sound Dust: Hammond organ
Synth Magic: Sounds of the Trilogy
Vienna Symphony Library : Harp // Clarinet Bb // Fanfare // Trumpet C // Oboe Viennese // Horn // English Horn
Wave Factory as Retro Keys

Me in my kitchen

Other sound banks, other samplers

Ample sound Ample bass upright III
EastWest HollyWoodStrings Gold
FXpansion BFD3 // JEX // Marching Drums // Percussion
Universal Piper: The Bagpipe Lab
UVI Digital Synsation

My instruments

Seagull guitar S6 acoustic guitar Mahogany CW SG series
Larrivee D-03RE acoustic guitar
Epiphone Electric Guitar ES 335 (
An article to read on Epiphone guitars
Fender Telecaster Electric guitar
Ibanez Bass GSR180
Alhambra Classical/flamenco guitar Alhambra 9 pp

Aria Guitar Banjo guitar
Piano SG Pro
Alesis QX49 control keyboard
Hohner Melodica – Harmonica Hohner Chronomica 270 deluxe
Moeck Baroque Flute

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