The total bundle for your holiday

The total bundle for your holiday

Before you leave under the coconut trees with your laptop dedicated to music to compose hymns to the beauties, I propose this ultimate bundle that brings together all of Rossignol-Studio virtual instruments. This atypical instruments, for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler pack is an offer not to be missed. This exotic and musical suitcase contains: Barbariz, Barbariz II, Orgambou (3 organs), Choris (voice), Francinium (harmonium), Versophone & Orguever (2 glassophones), mouth to beat (beatbox) and Harmoneon (harmoniflute).

These nine combined instruments would normally cost you 145 Euros: total bundle won't cost you as 75 Euros.

Total_bundleClick on the image to get to the store.

Happy holidays to those who depart.

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