The video clip “This buzzing garden”

The video clip “This buzzing garden”

The video clip “This buzzing garden”

That’s it, the video clip has arrived on our screens, visible on YouTube, for now. Share it, comment (this is important for SEO) and like of course.

A word from Véronique TAURAND, the lyricist who had this famous idea:
“… Do you know the “Buzzing Garden” of Langon? No ? So, how can I explain it to you… Initially, it was the validation of the project of Jackie, an elected official from Langon, which allows the meeting of motivated people, who come together to think together on a common project: to create a haven of peace for these beings essential living organisms, pollinating insects, and in particular wild bees whose numbers are decreasing from year to year…

Researching together, documenting, thinking, sharing ideas, debating, making choices, helped by Angèle and Jordane… then getting together to hoe, dig, install, trellis, plant, butter, laugh, while making much appreciated gourmet breaks: very pleasant mornings, the opportunity to get to know each other better and learn from each other!

From all these moments of sharing this song was born and quite naturally also came the desire to offer it to school children since I was a teacher at Langon. I then turned to Fredo, a talented author and musician, to ask him to compose music in keeping with this joyful and meaningful theme for the future generation. He accepted the project immediately and wrote music that exceeded my expectations. I didn’t imagine at that time that quasi-professional recordings would be offered to children and that a music video would bring together all the singers! Thanks to them, big and small, and a huge thank you to Fredo and Jean-Luc who made my dream come true…

Long live this little melody, may it travel for a long time in the heads of children, sowing little seeds for the future.

and Bravo to all the Gardens which are buzzing “wide open to the bees”,

Véronique…. »

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