Rossignol-Studio is changing

Rossignol-Studio is changing

It’s official! Rossignol-Studio is now a small auto-entreprise that I hope will grow but not too much anyway. In addition to songs, music, texts, videos, and more recently, instruments for Kontakt, I’ll offer my home courses of MAO. In these times of misery, it is becoming essential to diversify to survive. When it comes to courses, call me for more info. I will tell you more about it on this site soon and will make a page where I will outline my programs.

In the meantime, I invite you to discover Barbariz, my new organ for Kontakt5 which is for sale for 15 euros for a week.


Forever Kontakt5 from Native Instruments, tomorrow March 4, a new instrument will be released that should appeal to both sound-designers and composers.  It is a verrophone called Versophone. Here is a small video of announcement.

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