Novelty summer 2016

Novelty summer 2016

Hello to passers-by music lovers and musicians who have had the kindness you to visit these pages.

Two new instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt on since my last article with the same philosophy as the previous ones: cheap, simple, and to the raw sounds.

The first, that some people  have been able to download for free for a week, is called Harmoneon. I invite you to discover this strange keyboard on the page dedicated to him.


It is proposed that the price of 15 Euros

The second, Orguever, is an original and magical instrument inspired by a genuine verrophone. See the little tutorial of Serge GORA.

It is proposed that the price of 20 Euros

For more information I invite you to visit the ORGUEVER page.

In addition, this instrument, OGUEVER is already available in a bundle of verrophones with her little brother’s sons, VERSOPHONE.


For the modest sum of EUR 35… 25 Euros!  You have two superb atypical instruments. Indulge yourself!

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