NFT Tentation

NFT Tentation

The NFT temptation

What is an NFT?

“……An NFT1 (English non-fungible token) or non-fungible token (JNF)2,3 is a computer object (a token) tracked, stored and authenticated using a blockchain protocol (blockchain), to which a digital identifier is attached, which makes it unique and non-fungible. This token grants rights, property or otherwise, to a real or virtual object such as a work of art (often digital), a contract , a diploma etc., and is associated with an owner account like any blockchain token, but the token being non-fungible, the owner is guaranteed unique, which gives the value to the token. ……. Source Wikipedia

For a while now I have been wondering about putting my music and perhaps my songs on sale with this protocol. Well, here we go. I recently put my first musical titles online on the Opensea website. From now on, anyone who wants to own one of my works will be able to buy the piece they like. They will be the sole owner, since each copy will be unique. For the moment the offer starts at 0.02 Ethereum or approximately 51 euros .
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment, or even to inform yourself about this (almost) new concept of copyright,
Here are the links to see these beasts

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