The novelties of this spring 2016

The novelties of this spring 2016

The novelties of this spring 2016 should delight lovers of music since now there's two albums available for download and for cher. The first is my album binaural music for relaxation and good be: journey to the center of being. An hour of music for release decision-making.

The second is my album 15 tracks of music electronic, progressive and planing solar system. (ambient)

Album solar SYSTEM

For musicians and composers who were blessed with the Kontakt 5's Native Instrument sampler. Two instruments have emerged. The first Francinium is available for sale in recent weeks. It is a french harmonium to the shadowy and powerful sounds.


The second and all latest is Barbariz II. Like his brother of his, Barbariz, this organ complements the range of this series of instruments of street. It is in the same vein as Barbariz but with different sounds; rougher and less conventional but also poetic.


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