Paroles & Musique




The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a documentary.

Le 8ème ciel : (On an idea of Izanne) oneiric, ethereal, poetic, classical


L’arbre rose : Acoustic guitar, whistles, harmonica, nature, simplicity, tenderness


Valet de cœur: medieval, Princess, castles, nobility, heritage


Escalators: technology, business, urban spaces, factory, techno, rhythmic, synth


Fleur de cactus: acoustic guitars, western, desert, large spaces, canyon, english horn

Anges ou esprits: Celestial atmosphere, ambient, Musings, strange, zen, ghostly, slick synth


Africa: Africa, world, rhythm, fantasy, animals, large spaces, travel, exotic


Célestes impressions: joyful, magical, celebrations, ceremonial, electro, refined


France: campaign, landscape, nature, accordion, village, nostalgia, light rhythm, fields, walk (signed at MusicJag)


Flocons de neige: winter landscapes, children, Christmas, wonderful, candor, arpege (signed at MusicJag)


Stalactites: arpeggio, lightweight, synth, electro, pop, progressive, brass, variations


Le bolero du PC: latin, electro, original, dancing, strange, synth, vintage


La foire aux voleurs: medieval feast, liesse, feast, history, flute, Crumhorn, perceived


Savane: heat, Africa, electric piano, poetry, softness, fullness, violins, arpege (signed at MusicJag)


Promenade arpégée: arpeggio piano, slow, vintage, romantic


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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