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Video games

Video games


The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a video games.

Le vol de l’abeille : wink, electro, rhythmic, fast, nervous, insects, synth


Disco snob :  Neo disco rythm, original, evolutionary, synth, spleen

Crescendo: pace progressive, cheerful, fun, catchy, Tetris, Russian, piano, synth, ocarina


Artifice: glitch, rhythm, sequence, synth, beatbox, electro, games vintage, digital atmosphere, machine


Electroll: Electro, paced, synth, piano, beatbox, pad


Mega Mario: cheap-tune, fun, happy, bouncy, 8 bit, electro, Tetris, digital games, digital vintage


Oxygenée: Analog synths, JM Jarre, sequence, bass arpeggio, box rhythms, beat fast, vintage electronics


Izanne: folklore, average age, fairies, ogres, feasts, castles, Knights, flute, the trotting horse


Sexytoon: adults, humor, cheerful, electro, synth, rhythm, comic, whimsical


Surf binaire: quite slow tempo, electro vintage, mechanical, synths, cosmos, science


Transmission: Electro, rhythm, strange, bass, kick, synth, acid, neo disco, electric guitar, anticipation


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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