Paroles & Musique



For your company films, demos of software audio, answering machine, websites, poems etc.


Prosodie : electro, ambient, piano, electric guitar, synths, slow, vaporous


Évaporisation binaurale: relaxation, well being, zen, Binaural music, long format, ambient, hovering, electro


Friandises: guided tour, home business, sweet, light, suave, easy listening

Celtique: World music, Ireland, techno folk, rhythm, dance, happy, festive 


Le lion et le caméléon: Fable d’Izanne: example of sound illustration, Africa, voice-over

Chevaleresque: Circus, horse, riding, waiting, patience, daydreams, guitars, synths


Aédé: Nature, water, wellness, beauty, feminine, aesthetic, fontaine (voice air Valérie Chapelet)


Inondation de bleu: lounge, easy listening, ambient, vintage, electro


Marathon: race walking distance, breathing, lounge, chillout, electric piano, synth


Meteor: Demo synthesizer the it poly-Ana, beautiful VSTI of Admiral Quality. Apart from the effects, everything was made with this plugin.


Bleu mineur: lounge, hovering, electro, ambient, children, beach, ocean voice


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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