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Sitcoms, short films

Sitcoms, short films

Gindou cinéma

The classification of the titles in this category below is only indicative, each title can be used for something other than a sitcoms or short films.

La picolitude : Drama, nostalgia, slow, strings, piano, male choirs


Le ruisseau : Classic guitar , Strings, bagpipe, Celtic landscape, ballad, Water courses (Festival competitionl Gindou 2016)


Cygne noir: violins, piano, classical, electro, dynasty, slice of life, episode, polychrome, experimental, film


Après-midi ensoleillé: gentleness, peace, serenity, quiet, electric guitar, cool, beach, siesta


Seul au monde: electro, lounge, synth bass, air, urban, kinematics


Orage d’hiver: saga, rapid, action, brass, synth, rhythm, fast-paced box


Larmes d’étoiles: sad, melancholic, choirs, classical, piano, Oboe, cinematic, slow, long, several themes


Moderne: nervous, action, urban, contemporary, enough rhythmic synths


Corbillard: funereal, gloomy, grim, choirs, heaviness, intensity 


Geisha: orient, exotic, kitsch, choirs (signed at MusicJag)


Sergio: spaghetti, western, action, vintage, Sergio Leone, funky


All titles are deposited at the SACEM


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